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We believe in working with the community too...

Drozd Family Grain believes it is vital to support our local communities to build a lasting, positive image of the American farm through leadership, trusting relationships and education. Agriculture is changing every day in America and we hope to bridge the gap between the farmer and the public and provide understanding of how our farms today impact what you eat, wear, and drive each day. On this page you will find organizations we are affiliated with and what memberships and certificates we hold to be better caretakers and citizens. You will also discover what businesses and events we support in our local communities such as at the Allegan County Fair as well as a 15+ year relationship we hold with The Food Resource Bank in Kalamazoo (Now known as Growing Hope Globally). Our long standing support of 4-H and FFA is highlighted along with links to educate non farm families on GMO's, Gov. regulatory measures effecting farmers, Michigan Corn facts, etc.. 

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