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At Drozd Family Grain we are always looking at different opportunities to try that could positively impact business now or in the future. If you have something that could be of interest and would like us to take a look, please do not hesitate to call the farm office, contact via email or stop by the main office. If no one is around to take your call, please just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. The future is now and all of us at Drozd Family Grain are excited about the direction technology is taking agriculture. For this reason, it is critical for our operation to stay as up to date as possible.


Currently, we are using auto-steer for tillage, on planting equipment, and for soybean harvesting. Also, laser level drainage tiling, field mapping, drone use to check crops, precise fertilizer placement with the help of precise flow meters on planters as well as Y drop technology to precisely drop liquid fertilizer right next to the stalk base for quick plant utilization, and auto-boom shutoff to minimize foliar spray waste. If you believe there is an opportunity for us and you would like to share that opportunity and grow a relationship with all of us here at Drozd Family Grain don't be afraid to stop on by or give us a call. Please refer to contact information on the web page. 

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